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Friday NIght Chicken Soup for the Alteryx Soul !

Alteryx Certified Partner

A propos nothing, thought I'd share a little bit of positive reinforcement.


I was at a client earlier moving between meetings and noticed that a friend, who I only ever talk about football to (Spurs are rubbish, obvs), had an Alteryx workflow up on his screen - this was a first, so I stopped in my tracks !

It was quickly apparent that this had been quickly written for him by their company genius, but that it was taking a manual process from ~40 mins to 2 secs.

I asked, what do you think now you've seen Alteryx ?


"Witchcraft !"


Have a nice weekend !

Alteryx Certified Partner

As a blatant ramping exercise, could I please ask you to upvote my feature suggestion ?

When inserting a tool, eg Select, into a data flow that does not require dataset config please default the data pane to the input data to help us configure the fields ?

By my estimation this saves me 1 click on 90% of my tool insertions, surely just as worthy of attention as turning off the alert sound ?


I have to say, great title for this enthusiastic post!