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Doubt regarding Predictive analysis(Udacity Course) enrollment and certification

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Hi! I visited Udacity site, signed up using the mail I gave to alteryx and entered my details in the area which looks like the screenshot I've attached with this post. That's it right? If there is anything else I should do let me know and if that is all when will I get enrolled into the course? What should I do to receive the certificate? I mean is there any time frame because you guys say that I get 30 day access to this course. If I haven't completed the course within 30 days, can I still access the course after that? Will I still be eligible for certification if I complete the course after 30 days? Please let me know.

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Hi @MrPeanutButter ,


After registering on Udacity you should receive a mail within 1-2 business days granting you the 30-days access to the nano degree.


Also, about the 30-days period, here is the FAQ part about :


Q: How long do I have to complete the Udacity Nanodegree?
A: The nanodegree will be free for 30 days. The nanodegree is a very full course, but can be completed if dedicating full days to learning predictive analytics.  Udacity has also designated scholarships for the ADAPT program as well. For those who show promise and progress quite far but are unable to complete in 30 days, they will award scholarships to help users complete. There is a limited number of scholarships and they are awarded at the discretion of Udacity.



I hope this helps you.