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Core Certification to Advanced Certification

7 - Meteor

Hi all,


I was hoping to get a sense of how long everyone waited to take the advanced exam after they passed the core certification.  Did you find it helpful to wait?  Or to just take it and see where you were at and where you needed to improve?   I passed core (just barely :-), and try to do a weekly challenge once a day to learn new tools and improve my skills but wasn't sure of the best approach. 

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus



First of all, passing is passing.  Secondly, I suggest taking all of the Interactive Training courses first.  They are very helpful and informative.  If you focus on the spatial tools, you'll avoid losing points.  There are practical challenges to solve on this test.  You'll need to be able to build at least one macro.  I'd take the training classes and potentially see if someone (or the whole user group) would like to team with you as a study partner.


Take the test and see where you need to sharpen your saw.






P.S.  I know ACEs that took the test more than once.  I even captured one such event at Inspire.

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7 - Meteor

Thanks, I was very pleasantly surprised to pass, I only intended on testing to see where I was at.  I did the Interactive Training courses once already; but based on what you said I think I'm going to review the Spatial/Macro portions.  Can't hurt anyway!



6 - Meteoroid

Will be taking the Advanced Cert soon. Much appreciated, @MarqueeCrew.

8 - Asteroid

Thanks @MarqueeCrew  for the suggestions. I passed my Advance Certification this week.

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Interested to know how many people who did the advanced certification bought their own Alteryx license or had access to Alteryx via an educational institution or employer. The license is so costly and it is proving to be an obstacle to me being able to practice workflows in preparation for Advanced Certification.

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Hello @Gopinaath 

Have you reached out to our sales team regarding an extended trial license? If you are demoing for a company, there are other options than just our standard 4 weeks of trial access. I would recommend you reach out to Sales@alteryx.com explaining your goal and see what they can do for you!


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8 - Asteroid

Thank you for the contact email, Trevor. I will reach out to the sales team. I just want access to prepare for advanced certification