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Community Check-In: Halfway through 2022

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

We've made it halfway through the year, and for many of us that means mid-year performance chats. But have you thought about having a performance touch-base with yourself? It's the perfect time to realign your goals, expectations, and give yourself some credits for what you've already accomplished this year.


Looking back at 2022 (so far), what would you say has been your biggest analytics win this year and what do you hope to accomplish in the second half of this year?


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14 - Magnetar

Biggest win this year has definitely just been actually taking the leap into this amazing industry! In January I was still a scientist, working away in a lab!


In terms of tangible results, I'm proud of passing the Advanced certification and the fact that I'm sitting on just shy of 200 Weekly Challenges completed. On my current consultancy placement I'm starting to ramp up my SQL usage which is really helping me to pick up and solidify more knowledge! In the latter half of this year I want to keep contributing to this community, increasing my Alteryx skills and create some more resources for others to use. I'd also love to have a crack at the Expert certification - not expecting to pass but will help me refine my focus of what I need to target the most to keep upping my level!

12 - Quasar

@JessL Yes I recertify Alteryx advance certification yesterday and few days back I cleared  Alteryx foundation micro credential test with 94 % . I think these are my biggest accomplishments in 2022 . Also,  I have been recognized as Alteryx Innovator in January. I have been very active in community in last couple of months and learned many new things from the solution/ posts of community members. Looking forward to work and complete more weekly challenges this year and give an attempt to Alteryx expert certification exam .

11 - Bolide

I have only been learning Alteryx for 3 months and I'm loving it. My biggest achievement this year would have to be passing both Core and Advance certification! Being active on the community and doing challenges has helped me learn a lot and I'm planning to do just that and earn more badges!!

16 - Nebula

My biggest accomplishment so far has been passing the expert exam. The rest of the year i expect to get much more experience with APIs through my job which I'm very much looking forward to.

16 - Nebula

I'm very happy to have starting blogging this year. Never thought I would get into it but somehow its happened. Looking forward to writing a few more and attempting the expert exam. Hopefully should be fun 😅

11 - Bolide

Biggest accomplishment for me so far was changing jobs at the start of the year, and moving into Data Consultancy. I've learnt so much about Alteryx and it's capabilities in the last several months, and some client work has really pushed the envelope of my skills and knowledge which has been fantastic!


Looking forward I'm hopefully (finally) going to get around to passing the Advanced Certification, and remaining active in the community!

7 - Meteor

This year, I made a career change and decided to dive head first into data analytics. Although, I have only been in my new position for six months, my first 3 months I dedicated my time to learn Alteryx. Since diving head first into Alteryx, my biggest achievement of the year would have to be passing the Fundamental, Core, and Advance certifications! I could not have done this with out the fantastic community, and help/support from my coworkers who are Alteryx dedicated.

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

I passed the Designer Expert Exam in January. But honesty I think this is the result of last year's effort. So I would like to try to challenge the Predictive Master Exam in the second half of this year.