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Certificate not received (Alteryx designer core)

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I achieved the required score for Alteryx Design Core certification about 3 hours ago.And I still did not receive my badge in the community and not even a pdf in the email with the certificate as it was said would occur at the end of the test.
Is there a time frame that I must wait for or is it really a problem?

I have completed my Alteryx Designer Core Certification on May 17th 2021. However not yet received my pdf certificate so far. Can you please update on the same?

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Hi Team,


I did not receive my Alteryx designer core certificate pdf on my email i.e. pathakajay8155@gmail.com.

However I have received the badge for the same.




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Hello Elizabeth,


I passed my Alteryx designer core certification on 30- may but did not receive my certificate.


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@AjayKumar8155 Your best bet will be to email certification@alteryx.com if you haven't already done so. Not sure how much this thread is monitored.

Any updates on my request Alteryx team ? It's more than one month.

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Hi @kapilarora_murthal, I'll reach out directly from certification@alteryx.com

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I passed the exam on 27Th Oct 2021. I can see the badge in Alteryx community login but I have not received pdf of the certificate. Neither I have got any mailer from Credly to Claim badge. Please check .

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Hi Elizabeth,


Hope you are well!


I passed the Alteryx Designer Core exam and I couls see the badge in Alteryx community. However I haven't received my pdf veriosn of the certificate. Neither I have got any emails from Credly to Claim badge. Could you please help to investigate this?


Many thanks!



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Hi ,


The same thing happened with me. I would suggest to  Login/Signup to Credly and link the mail id which was used to pass the certification exam. You should see the badge there. You can claim it and thereafter download the pdf version of the certificate or  share your badge on Social Sites. I had not received any mail or notification from Credly, as mentioned in the mailer which you receive after passing the exam but you can see your badge under Credly login.


Please try and I hope you should get your certificate in this way.




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Hi Team ,


I received my badge but didn't receive my official Alteryx Designer Core passing certificate.

Please Help.