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Certificate not received (Alteryx designer core)

5 - Atom

Hi I passed my core certification on 10 October but did not receive the certificate. Please advice?

5 - Atom

Hi Elizabeth 


I have a similar issue, I've passed my exam 2 weeks ago, but have yet to receive an email with my certificate.


Do you know when I may receive it?



6 - Meteoroid

@ElizabethB awaiting certificate ! Just passed with 91.6%

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@ElizabethB Hey there! i just passed my core exam today and i got my badge as well. i hope to receive the certificate soon!

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Hi Elizabeth,

I have passed my Core exam on 28th February. Though I got my badge, however I have not received my certificate yet. I have checked my spam folder also. I did not find. Could you please help me to get the same? 


Thanks in advance for your help 🙂


5 - Atom

Hi Elizabeth

I have completed my Alteryx designed advanced certification and I've not received my certificate yet. What is the expected delay for the certificate to be emailed?