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COVID-19 | Data Sources

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Starting a thread to consolidate various data sources shared across the community. Please reply to share any useful and reliable COVID-19 related data sources or dashboards, and we'll update the post!


Data Sources


Blog Articles

shared by @Ken_Black 


Shared by @klpenney_Raytheon 



5 - Atom

Here are some good links for data sources:








I'm interested to see how we can use this data (Specially from the first source)  to compare  outcome from predicted vs actual and how to identify if there are any countries or states in US that are close to 'flattening the curve'. 

6 - Meteoroid
9 - Comet
9 - Comet
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for sharing @Ken_Black !  I was ecstatic to see Ned sharing his perspective on the data on his blog. It made me sooooo happy!


For those who don't know, Ned Harding is one of the Alteryx founders -- he's legit. Definitely check out the articles Ken shared. Both from Ned and Ken himself, ACE extraordinaire!

11 - Bolide

Hello everybody, and thanks to @Ken_Black and @Ned for sharing the posts - legends on the case !


I wonder if anyone has used Alteryx to connect to the open source model for identifying "At Risk" patients based on customer static data ?  ( we won't have the Medicare claims data being outside US)


Python isn't my strong point, but I'm all over Alteryx 😃


Thanks in advance !

15 - Aurora

Wow, what a tremendous wealth of curated links here - thank you, @LeahK! Inspired by@Ned's work, I created a viz that shows spread over time where the coloration (by county) is based on percentage of population of said county. I wanted to do that since all the charts I ever see just draw absolute numbers, not per capita. It's quite rudimentary as I (gratefully) still have the day job keeping me busy, (and my guitars have really been bugging me to be played lately too, haha). If anybody wanted to improve upon it, the code is here:

15 - Aurora
7 - Meteor

This set of dashboards (click into the Spotfire app link) by Tibco is pretty fantastic, definitely among the best I've seen:


And this covid state tracker is pretty interesting too:!/vizhome/COVIDStateTracker/COVIDStateTracker


One question - anybody have any thoughts as to where to find county level testing data? 


Update: Still doing some validation but I may have just answered my own question, check this out: