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Available "Big data sets" over the internet...

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Having not fully vetted this list myself I expect there to be a few good resources in there:


6 - Meteoroid

Here are some more....


KD Nuggets is a well respected analytics blog, they have put together a very nice and deep list:


UK Data


Google's PublicData Directory:


For the Spatial and GIS folks:

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I give to you the mother of big datasets - Reddit. 1.7bn JSON objects; 250GB compressed.

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Bookmarked!!!  Awesome work going on here!

Andy Cooper
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Loads of really great links from here as well:

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Here you go!! IMDB Datasets..


A subset of the IMDb plain text data files is available from their FTP sites as follows:





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Tweets are removed with the new Terms&Conditions

but the follower data remains and is still usefull...



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Alteryx Certified Partner

One of my favorites are where there is tons of public data from all sectors, different size sets and in different formats including API connections.This url, ,  shows each of the local goverments in the US. They have varying degrees of completion on the local level.