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Alteryx Designer Expert Certification

11 - Bolide

It seems like Inspire 2018 is going to be the first opportunity we have to take the Expert certification.  Is there any additional information on the format or content of that exam?  I know there are some software certs out there that are only available a few times a year, and I don't want to miss the chance to pick up the final certification if it's only going to be offered on a limited basis.  I didn't sign up for the Expert exam session as part of the Inspire 2018 training package, but I'd switch into it immediately if it was going to be the only time to take it this year.


@LeahK any official or unofficial chatter on how Expert is going to work?

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar
I’m looking at doing the Designer Expert exam at Inspire in London. Is there any feedback from those who took the exam this week, is it case studies like the last 4 questions in the advanced exam but harder? So it’s you either get it right or wrong.

What percentage of participants passed at the conference?

If you fail at the conference when is the next opportunity to take the exam or will there only be 2 sittings per year at each conference.

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12 - Quasar


Yes, it was hard and yes it is exclusively the case studies like you guessed.  However, I'm reluctant to get into any more details because I got the sense that this is a work in progress.


I didn't pass but I didn't expect to.  I was in good company though and I'll give myself a trophy for Effort.


The exam needs to be proctored because a couple of the questions required a human to run or examine them.


As far as you taking the exam in London, if you have the time and money for it I'd say, "Do it!"


Good luck and be sure to come back here and gloat if you pass.





20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus



I've taken the Expert exam and can summarize it in this one video:






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11 - Bolide

I was there with you @MarqueeCrew, and like all but one of us, will also need to find my way to Inspire 2019!


With a little more time to think, or a better test taking strategy, I think the expert exam is well within the reach of most experienced alteryx users.

8 - Asteroid

@MarqueeCrew  is the exam a logical step harder than the core and advanced, or is insanely more difficult?  I was thinking about taking it but then I saw the question in the weekly challenge that referenced the Expert exam and had no clue what it was asking.