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Under the hood of Alteryx: tips, tricks and how-tos.
15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Welcome to our second release note roundup, a short and snappy blog covering tips and tricks you may not have seen in 2020.3 hidden behind the big keynote headlines, allowing us to solve even faster!


With such a big release of new features in 2020.2 (and impressive it was indeed!) it was inevitable this release would be a little smaller than the last, but here we are!


AMP Update

With Alteryx’s new Engine “e2” ( enabling Alteryx Multi-threaded Processing) released in 2020.2 I wanted to do a quick update on the number of converted tools! We’ve moved from 50 up to 74 fully converted and 14 partially converted tools to use with AMP, allowing us to continue to work and solve together even faster. More information on currently converted AMP tools can be found here.


Data Profiling Limit

When working with large volumes of data and using our browse tools to investigate and harness insights, we may find it takes a little while to load. However, the browse tool is now capped in a (compressed file) with a limit of 300MB. Once it reaches this limit no further records are processed and the tool will display our results in the profile panel!


Find and Replace

Now my favourite new addition to Alteryx Designer is the updated “find” window, which I always thought needed a bit of care, love and attention before I actually gave it a fixed place to sit in my Alteryx Designer interface. But what’s actually changed? Well now not only can we find locations of values (in tool configurations, annotations etc) but we can also replace our results in the selected sections...thank you Alteryx!


Firstly, how can I open up the interface? You'd think it would be under View in the top toolbar, because it's floatable and dockable; however, it's really under Edit. Or you can simply use "Ctrl + F";


Old “find” interface - What could we do with it? Well I can find the location of things I need to change, but can I change them? No.




New “find and replace” interface - What can we do with it? Well I can find the location of things I need to change AND change them at the same time!





The example I've shown here is changing just one filter tool. However, if we needed to make our change in a series of places throughout our workflow, well this addition can certainly make it easier!


These are some of my favourite new features and fixes, but we always love to hear what yours are too or what you’d love to see coming in future releases! With 2020.4 just round the corner what do Alteryx have in store for us to further help our thrill of solving?


If you haven’t downloaded the Beta version of 2020.4 yet to get a sneak peak you can join right here!