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Publish to Tableau Gallery Connector - Update

Just so you know, you can now publish to Tableau Hyper and TDE both!

We've just released Designer 2018.1 and Tableau recently released Hyper, so we couldn't resist hyperlooping an updated connector out to you! Plus we're supporting the old and the new!


What does this mean the old and the new?

Check out the Publish to Tableau Server Tool  and see how you get to choose between two versions instead of one!

  • Version 1.09 – For Tableau Hyper (*.hyper). Requires Alteryx version 2018.1 and Tableau Server 10.5 or newer or Tableau Online.
  • Version 1.08.1 – For Tableau TDE (*.tde). Compatible with Alteryx version 10.5-11.8 and Tableau Server 9.01-10.3 or Tableau Online. 


What if I don’t update the tool?

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity (Albert Einstein). If you already have version 1.08.1 of the tool and you don't plan to use Tableau Hyper then you are a rebel to the core and you don't need the update. Else, live fast and get the update!


What if I don’t update my Tableau server?

You can still solve for the impossible by updating to Designer 2018.1 while using Tableau Server 9.01-10.3. You will want to use version 1.08.1 of the tool - the one that's compatible with Tableau Server 9.01-10.3. Alas, I repeat myself.


What if I don’t update Designer?

You COULD use an older version of Designer and keep using version 1.08.1 of the tool. You COULD do this. You might get away with it for a little while while the rest of the world unleashes. But you would not be able to use Tableau Hyper.


What if I use Tableau Online?

Wait while I consult my crystal ball...Good news! Tableau Online is compatible with either version of the tool!


How do I get the new version?

Go to the Publish to Tableau Server Tool, then just Download the Tool! To publish Hyper files, just pick v1.09 and you're all set!

Oh one more thing - you'll need Alteryx 2018.1, too. If you need to download Alteryx, you can find it in the Alteryx Downloads & Licenses portal at licenses.alteryx.com.


What else do I need to know?

When you run the workflow, the extract may try to disguise itself as a TDE file. Don't believe it! It works fine and it's really a Hyper file. This is a minor irritation - kinda like my Go-Kart elbow - it's bruised from crashing but now I'm used to it.


If you're literal, like me, you can validate the data source is a Hyper file  

When you publish your data stream to Tableau Server, you can validate the data source is a hyper file. At first, you may notice the output looks like a TDE file:








But if you look closer, after you've extracted it, you'll notice the *.hyper file is in Data > Extracts and that the underlying data source is really a *.hyper file:





So...that's it! Check out the updated tool!


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Awesome! Thanks Tara 🙂

6 - Meteoroid

Looks like it's only for Tableau Server and Online since there's no mention of Desktop.

Any chance it works to create hyper files for use with Desktop too?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@akchandarana The latest version of Alteryx Designer has an updated Output Data tool that now writes to hyper.

6 - Meteoroid

@NeilR - but it's just for Tableau Server/Online, right?  Not Desktop.  "We have enhanced the Publish to Tableau Server with an option to publish Hyper files."

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@akchandarana both, see here

6 - Meteoroid

Saw that page before, but... in re-reading now caught in "any Tableau 10.5+ instance", will take that to mean Desktop too, and will download/give it a try.  Thanks! @NeilR  🙂

6 - Meteoroid

We downloaded version 1.09.1 to test publishing hyper extracts to Tableau Server.  I receive the following errors when running a workflow:


Cannot find macro PublishToTableauServer\TableauServer.OutputDataConditionally.yxmc.support

Cannot find macro PublishToTableauServer\TableauServer.UploadChunks.yxmc.support

Cannot access file: C:\Users\...


We are using Alteryx 2018.1.3.42973 and Tableau Server 10.5.2.


The workflow runs fine for version 1.08.1.  Any suggestions?

Alteryx Certified Partner

I am getting exactly same errors as Pamela, using 1.09 version of the macro and both 2018.1 versions of Alteryx and Tableau server. Can anyone help, please?


Hi @Pamela and @Michal,


Thanks for letting us know. There is a path issue in one of the support macros. It has been updated and is currently being tested. I will provide another update when the new installer is uploaded.



Alteryx Certified Partner

@RithiS do you have any update, please? When can I expect a working solution?


Thanks a lot.


@Michal and @Pamela, v1.09.2 fixes the path issue and has been upload to the Alteryx Gallery (https://gallery.alteryx.com/#!app/Publish-to-Tableau-Server-Tool/599c93c8f499c7141c13a619).  Please let me know if you have questions. Thanks!

7 - Meteor

@RithiS - Is there an install (.yxi) version of v1.09.02 when I click on the link above it only has a link to the v.1.09.02 version.  I am having the same path issue and would like to get it fixed.



7 - Meteor

@RithiS - I was able to click the run button twice to get the install file.



6 - Meteoroid

@RithiS thanks for resolving the issue.  I was able to run the workflows and publish extracts to Tableau Server.  The workflows uploaded .hyper files to Tableau Server.  However, Tableau Sever indicates that the extracts are connecting to .tde files and the connection type is Tableau Data Engine for both new and existing extracts. Please clarify how to verify hyper extracts are being published to Tableau Server. 


@Pamela In Tableau Server, download the data as a .tdsx file. Extract it like a zip file and the underlying data source can be found in Data > Extracts. Our help documentation has a short section about it: https://help.alteryx.com/2018.1/TableauServerPublish.htm

"After publishing an Alteryx data stream as a Tableau Hyper (*.hyper) file, the file may incorrectly display with a TDE (*.tde) extension. The data source is actually a *.hyper file. You can verify this by downloading and extracting the *.tdsx zip file and viewing the *.hyper file in Data > Extracts."

6 - Meteoroid

We are testing Tableau 10.5 and Alteryx 2018.1.  What is the solution for updating existing workflows that are outputting TDE files to Hyper?  We want to overwrite existing TDE files, not create a new Hyper file.  What is the solution for workflows outputting TDE files that append to an extract file?  We don't want to create a new Hyper file; we want to append data to the existing TDE file, but have convert the file to Hyper as well.


@Pamela - from what I can tell, there is no solution with Tableau Server 10.5. Here is Tableau's page about extract upgrades and hyper: https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/help.htm#extracting_upgrade.html


In the section Tasks that cause an extract upgrade:

There are three distinct ways a .tde extract can get upgraded to a .hyper extract: 1.) during an extract refresh (full or incremental), 2.) when appending data to an extract, and 3.) when an extract is upgraded manually.


You may have to use an older version of Tableau Server. I recommend you talk to your Tableau support rep.

6 - Meteoroid

Yes, we are familiar with how Tableau converts TDEs to Hyper.  Our issue is with the output from an Alteryx workflow.  When we change the output format from TDE to Hyper, Alteryx creates new output file.  We want to overwrite or append data to existing TDE files and convert them to Hyper without creating new output files. 


Sorry for misreading your post. I deleted my last post because I stated incorrect information.


I will look into this and see what can be done.


Hi @Pamela,


Unfortunately, TDEs will not be converted to Hyper via Alteryx. That will need to be done on the Tableau side. We will only create new files or append to existing files of the same format.




5 - Atom

I am trying to use the "Publish to Tableau Server" tool with Alteryx 2018.3 and Tableau server 10.5 (?). I'm getting an error "Enter now or select existing data source name. Select an existing project." but there are no options in the configuration window that would allow me to do that. I'm I missing something? Do these only appear if I set everything else up correctly?

5 - Atom

Hi All, 


  • When using the PublishToTableauServer_v2.0.0.yxi tool I am experiencing an inconsistent problem, sometimes I get the error "Error Code 401002: Unauthorized Access - - Invalid authentication credentials," sometimes I do not. 
  • When using the PublishToTableauServer_v1.09.2.yxi tool the workflow runs perfectly every time on my desktop but will not load to the server because "Can not find macro," when I try to add the macro I get an error when adding to the gallery that "the entry point is invalid."

Versions and Screenshots are below, does anyone know of a solution?



Tableau: Tableau 2018.1 

Alteryx: Alteryx Designer 2018.3 x64

Tool: PublishToTableauServer_v2.0.0.yxi

Publish to Tableau Server tool:




  • PublishToTableauServer_v2.0.0.yxi
    • Alteryx Desktop Error: Image 1
      • Asana 1.png
    • Alteryx Server Error: Image 2
      • Asana 2.png
    • Alteryx Server Schedule Errors & Successes: Image 3
      • Asana 3.png
  • PublishToTableauServer_v1.09.2
    • Alteryx Desktop Save to Gallery Error macro not added when uploading: 
      • Asana V1.09.2 1.PNG
    • Running on Server Error: 
      • Asana V1.09.2 2.PNG
    • Alteryx Desktop Save to Gallery Error with macro added at upload:
      • Asana 4.png

 Thank you!


@TaraC   Point of clarification: For those customers that are still using Tableau Server 9.01-10.3, can they still use the Publish to Tableau Server Macro version 1.08.1 even in later versions of Alteryx like 2019.x?