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Tool Installer Error: Unable to find a configuration file

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 Hi, I am creating my own tool (using Alteryx's guide:, and running into the error "Tool Installer Error: Unable to find a configuration file" when I test my .yxi file.


I attached an image of my file structure, which I am zipping and then changing the extension to .yxi. Also, below is the contents of the  Config.xml file. Please let me know where you see my mistake! 




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<EngineSettings EngineDll="Macro"
EngineDllEntryPoint="SBD_Excel List\Supporting_Macros\SBD_Excel List.yxmc" />
<GuiSettings Html="JavaScriptCountEngine.html"
Help="" Icon="Excel List.png">
<Connection Name="Input1" AllowMultiple="False" Optional="True"
Type="Connection" Label="I" />
Connection Name="Output" AllowMultiple="True" Optional="True"
Type="Connection" Label="O" />
<NameIsFileName value="false" />
<Name>SBD_Excel List</Name>
<Description>Macro to read excel files with all the sheet names and named ranges as selected by user.</Description>
<RootToolName>SBD_Excel List.yxmc</RootToolName>
<ToolInDb value="false" />
<CategoryName>SBD Common</CategoryName>
<Author>Enterprise Data and Digital Insights</Author>
<Company>Stanley Black and Decker</Company>
<DescriptionLink actual="" display="" />