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[HTML GUI SDK] Interface window that allows users to select files from a entered directory

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I'm stuck on quite a tricky one. My use-case is that I want users to be able to select a folder for files to be brought in - similar to the directory tool. I had found this from @tlarsen7572's response to this question.  This allowed me to create the tool to look like this:


My next steps are that I want the listbox to be populated with all the files collected from that directory, and allow users to select which they want to proceed with for the next part of the tool (the next macro).
As javascript wont allow for reading all files from a folder from the client, I think I need to run my first supporting workflow to generate this data:


My issue here is twofold:
1) I'm not fully sure I can use a workflow to generate data for elements of the configuration window

2) I'm not fully sure how to retrieve that data, when it is returned from the output, to display as part of my list box, as the Alteryx documentation does not seem to have a viable datatype for this.


And I am struggling to find anything similar through the Alteryx community or through the SDK documentation.


Any help on this one would be massively appreciated!

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Hi @TheOC 


I’m not in front of Designer right now, so it’s just some ideas and pointers. Some may work and some may be garbage…


- To get dynamic field names you can connect the file browse into a list box and there is an option to get field names from the connected tool. Then you can connect that via an action tool into your select. 
- *shameless plug* in this it shows how you would wire it up for a drop down box

- it certainly works when not using the html SDK, however I don’t know how it would behave with that underlying wiring but using getting to updates in the gui


let me know how you get on.


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