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Nested batch macro Error with HTML GUI SDK


Hey all,


Hoping someone can help me out. I have a macro that allows a user to decide what files they want to bring back from an Amazon S3 bucket without needing to write any command line code. I have developed one tool using the same process that just gets information back from the bucket on objects contained within the bucket. My next step was to allow a user to decide what files they wanted. I decided to start with some base options:

1) Most recently published file

2) Most recent file (by date in object name)

3) Specific Object - they can input which one with a text box

4) Most recently published X files - they can decide how many


I have my tool fully done, but I keep getting the following warnings and error when I try to use the tool:

Help with HTML GUI S3 tool.PNG


If anyone knows how to remove these warnings or remove the error (Tool #115 is my nested batch macro) that would be greatly appreciated!


Hey @cplewis90


Can you please upload your workflow and some sample data?

This will help to check whats going on with the macro and the workflow!




Community Moderator

GUI code:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<meta charset="UTF-8">
// Include the base GUI library.
document.write('<link rel="import" href="' + window.Alteryx.LibDir + '2/lib/includes.html">')
body {
margin: 10px 10px 10px 10px

h2 {
font-size: 1.556em;
font-weight: normal;
color: #52617f;

<h2>Insert Access Key, Secret Key, Bucket Name. Decide how many files need to be pulled</h2>
<h3><u>Access Key</u></h3>
<ayx data-ui-props='{type:"TextBox", widgetId:"TextBox1"}' data-item-props='{dataName:"Access", dataType:"SimpleString"}'></ayx>
<h3><u>Secret Key</u></h3>
<ayx data-ui-props='{type:"TextBox", widgetId:"PasswordBox1"}' data-item-props='{dataName:"Secret", dataType:"SimpleString", password:true}'></ayx>
<ayx data-ui-props='{type:"TextBox", widgetId:"TextBox3"}' data-item-props='{dataName:"Bucket", dataType:"SimpleString"}'></ayx>
<h3>File Count Options</h3>
<ayx data-item-props='{dataName: "FileOptions"}'
data-ui-props='{type: "RadioButton", widgetId: "RadioButton1", groupname: "FileOptions", option: {value: "RadioValue1", label:"Most Recent Published File"}}'>
<ayx data-item-props='{dataName: "FileOptions"}'
data-ui-props='{type: "RadioButton", widgetId: "RadioButton2", groupname: "FileOptions", option: {value: "RadioValue2", label:"Most Recent File by Date in Filename"}}'>
<ayx data-item-props='{dataName: "FileOptions"}'
data-ui-props='{type: "RadioButton", widgetId: "RadioButton3", groupname: "FileOptions", option: {value: "RadioValue3", label:"Last X Files (by date in filename)"}}'>
<label>X Files</label>
<ayx data-ui-props='{type:"NumericSpinner", widgetId:"NumericSpinner2"}'>
<ayx data-item-props='{dataName: "FileOptions"}'
data-ui-props='{type: "RadioButton", widgetId: "RadioButton4", groupname: "FileOptions", option: {value: "RadioValue4", label:"Specific Object"}}'>
<label>Object Name</label>
<ayx data-ui-props='{type:"TextBox", widgetId:"TextBox4"}' data-item-props='{dataName:"SpecificObject", dataType:"SimpleString"}'>
<script type="text/javascript">
Alteryx.Gui.BeforeLoad = function (manager, AlteryxDataItems, json) {
var constrainedNumberDataItem = new AlteryxDataItems.ConstrainedFloat('ConstrainedNumber', {
max: 20,
min: 1,
step: 1
// Bind to NumericSpinner widget
manager.bindDataItemToWidget(constrainedNumberDataItem, 'NumericSpinner2')



Here are the updated attachments for the macros. The "S3_download_tool_update.yxmc" is the batch macro that is causing me issues with the above HTML GUI code.