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How to use nRecordLimit in .NET Custom tools

5 - Atom

Hello there


I'm developing a custom tool using .NET. I am mostly following the sample doc and sample code that came with installation. I don't find a way to set value for nRecordLimit for PushRecords(). The document too don't have any explanation around setting this value. Can anyone shed some light on it?




15 - Aurora

Please note that the C# SDK isn't going to be aroudn forever:


With that said, my guess is the nRecordLimit is not something you set, rather is something you limit against... e.g. 

int nRecordsProcessed = 0;
while (nRecordsProcessed < nRecordLimit)
   // create record object
   // push record object
   // increment nRecordsProcessed

... in this pseudcode, nRecordLimit is basically already there. Note; my answer is based on samples provided with the C++ API... I'm assuming the C# API is similar in concept.