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How to use nRecordLimit in .NET Custom tools

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Hello there


I'm developing a custom tool using .NET. I am mostly following the sample doc and sample code that came with installation. I don't find a way to set value for nRecordLimit for PushRecords(). The document too don't have any explanation around setting this value. Can anyone shed some light on it?




ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Please note that the C# SDK isn't going to be aroudn forever:


With that said, my guess is the nRecordLimit is not something you set, rather is something you limit against... e.g. 

int nRecordsProcessed = 0;
while (nRecordsProcessed < nRecordLimit)
   // create record object
   // push record object
   // increment nRecordsProcessed

... in this pseudcode, nRecordLimit is basically already there. Note; my answer is based on samples provided with the C++ API... I'm assuming the C# API is similar in concept.