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C++ SDK Changes in 20.1

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Hello #AlteryxAddicts!

tl;dr We have made some changes to the C++ SDK in 20.1 that may have an effect on custom tools built with that SDK in previous versions. Please sign up for the beta program and download the Designer | e2 beta in order to test your tool against the latest version. In the event your tool is no longer compatible, this will give you an opportunity to update your code so that it works in 20.1 and beyond!


What Is Happening? The C++ SDK has been given a facelift in 20.1!

What is the C++ SDK? A way for C++ developers to create their own custom tools for Alteryx. Documentation can be found here.

Why is this changing? We figured it was high time the C++ SDK got some attention! And the changes made also enable other upcoming features, so it’s a win-win! These changes should not require much effort on the part of the C++ SDK tool developer in order for them to work on 20.1 and should improve the developer experience by increasing the code readability.




Who's Impacted? Anyone who is leveraging the C++ SDK to create custom tools.

Who's Not Impacted? Anyone who is not utilizing the C++ SDK.

Next steps? Download the Alteryx Analytics Beta 2020.1 - Designer | E2 Beta and recompile your tool against the new build!

  1. We improved code readability and reduced dependencies by splitting large files to smaller ones:
    1. FieldBase was split into such parts: FieldBase, FieldSchema, FieldType, GenericEngineBase, TFieldVal, TBlobVal
    2. FieldTypes was split into such parts: FieldBlob, FieldBool, FieldDateTieme, FieldFixedDecimal, FieldFloat, FieldNum, FieldString
    3. Record was split into such parts: Record, RecordInfo, RecordCopier.
    4. All newly created files are located in same place as old ones.
  2. “ValidateDate/ValidateTime/ValidateDateTime” were removed - replace it with analogues from DateTimeValidate
  3. “GetMinimumStringSize” was removed, this should no longer be used.
  4. “ConvertToDouble” was removed, this should no longer be used.

If you come across any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me (email below) or comment on this post!



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ACE Emeritus

Would love to see starter kits for this like the python SDK has 😉

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