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Debugging the CEF: Docs are different from latest Alteryx UI

6 - Meteoroid

Hi there,

I'm following the steps on the Debugging the CEF page, but the Debug menu in latest Alteryx here doesn't match the one described in the steps.

1. After following steps to alter the Registry, I can see the Debug menu in Alteryx Designer.

2. I'm looking for an entry "Show CEF Developer Tools"
3. But only see: "Test CEF UserControl"

Is it possible to use this to debug a custom control?

( The bigger picture is I'm trying to get a drop-down to populate with a list of incoming fields to let the user pick one to store as part of the configuration, but I can't seem to find an example of how to do that.  Am thinking if I can get in there with a debugger I can start inspecting what's being passed to Alteryx.Gui.BeforeLoad and maybe find something in there? )

11 - Bolide

In the newer versions of Designer that feature got promoted to a location that doesn't require the registry settings.  You can find it under Options->Advanced Options->Show HTML Developer Tools:


HTML Dev Tools.png


The function to obtain the list of incoming fields can be found at this path:




Because there can be multiple input anchors, the function returns a list of a list of field objects.  The first list contains an entry for each input anchor.  Each entry is a list of field objects.


You are correct that you can use the debugger console to inspect the Alteryx object tree and find out what is available to you.  I use it frequently when I have to build a non-standard UI.


6 - Meteoroid

Thanks tlarsen, much appreciated!