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2018.3 installing python tool - Cache entry deserialization field, entry ignored


Hi all,


I was very excited to upgrade to 2018.3 last night - and still am! - because of caching and the new python tool :)


But this morning I've hit two errors when importing a tool that I have previously imported into 2018.2 version without errors.


8-31-2018 9-24-02 AM.png








This first error was an easy fix, just noting the difference in the file name requirement.


8-31-2018 9-26-08 AM.png








This second error, I'm not sure how to resolve. It locked up my Alteryx session and I had to force quit. I tried to import the tool twice (non-admin, once as admin) with the same error. I have Version 2018.3.4.51585, Admin install, and tried installing the tool both non-elevated and elevated (admin).


Try deleting your pip cache directory. The directory location is <CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA>\pip\Cache so it's probably  C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\pip for you.


Thanks @RithiS! This resulted in a timeout message connecting to which reminded me that pip is blocked by my company DNS. So I disconnected from VPN to try again and it worked!


So I'm not sure whether the initial error was also caused by the inability to compare the cache to the pip server.