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Coventry-Northampton, UK

Welcome to the Coventry-Northampton User Group

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User Group Time! 2021!

11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

Good news all, User Groups are coming back and I don't have to be coming live from You Tube where I couldn't really interact with you and it just wasn't my thing. It doesn't feel right talking to myself and not you wonderful people.




I would love to hear how you have all been doing throughout COVID and what is new in your organisations.


How is Friday 11th June for a date to get together? Via Teams? with sharing capabilities?


We can hear from Hatty on her entry into the Grand Prix! We can hear from Becky on her Business Case!

I have lots to share from working in a new organisation.


Simon P / Wasim how are you both? It would be great to hear from you!


Let's do this and get back together!







11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

Our Pledges from 2020, most are still valid:


  • MOB CHALLENGES must continue 
  • Tool Mastery - dig deeper into the tools and how they work
    • Multi Row Formula
    • Macros
    • Generate Rows
  • Forecasting in R and Alteryx Tools
  • Market Basket Analysis (Ben Moss)
  • GIS vrs Alteryx (Harriet Jack)
  • Limits of Alteryx
    • What can I do, what shouldn't I do?
  • Best Practises
    • Templates
  • Coolest thing I have done
    • Dan Vincent
    • Ben Moss
  • Outputs
    • Tableau
    • Power BI
  • R Challenge - take some R code and translate it back into Alteryx (Polly to set the Challenge)
  • Spatial
    • Drivetimes
    • HERE API
  • API Basics (covered in the webscraping content from last year - will link back)