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Hi, Latest one only supports with AMP on. Is this temporal situation or the tool will support only AMP mode from this version?

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Hi all;

Wondering if someone can help with some clarity on the authentication piece - as I'm struggling to get this through our IT group (large organization).  Looking at the detailed help on https://help.alteryx.com/20221/designer/microsoft-sharepoint it appears that we need to create an Azure app registration. 


My IT group is telling me that to get the client ID & secret we need to create a Service Principal - however my understanding of a Service Principal is that this is analogous to a service account - i.e. each user that needs to connect to Sharepoint should (per best practice) have their own Service Principal so that Sharepoint activity is traceable to a specific user. 


We are NOT using a server version; and are NOT planning on running workflows unattended - wondering what specific steps are required to authenticate with individual userIDs; not the Service Principal? 


Simplistically, I assumed that a login via browser would create a token (via Oauth 2.0) that could be used for a period of time to authenticate with Sharepoint sites that the individual userID has access to - I'm unclear the role of the App Registration in this - and as such not able to explain what is specifically required and why this is appropriate to my IT group.  It is not clear which mailbox the "App requests" that are generated through the sign in via browser end up - maybe we just do not have the right IT Azure folks in the discussion - but this has become a significant challenge.


Any help/guidance would be very much appreciated.

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G'Day gsmith28,


I think I mentioned our experience with this here previously; you seem to know more about the way Sharepoint authenticates than I do. Nevertheless, we have struggled a lot with this also. After upgrade things work fine - desktop as well as the server, including the DCM; (Prereq: Sharepoint Tool on both systems, ver. 2.2.0 Input/Output will be installed; Now Non-Admin Designer ver. 2022.1.1.30961 & Server 2022.1.1.40869); The advice is to remove the old S'Point connectors afterwards.

Sharepoint Admin needs to enable Alteryx to access the site (...You will then see the Tenant ID in the ...Site Contens/Site Settings/Site app permissions option);


Setting up a new connection on the Designer (Non-DCM);

1) I can confirm using the Browser authentication worked for with the Designer only; The Authentication Method will default to 'Built-In App';

2) The other option using the Designer only & the Tenant, Secret & Client ID's to be provided in the connection setup, also works. The Authentication Method will default to 'Custom App';

These above S'Point connections in a workflow can be shared with other users (however they will have to edit & recreate the connection);

The other option is to use DCM, which requires a Gallery server but it can then be shared with anyone as is (on the server or downloaded to a local machine);

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can anyone help me with this error ? 

SharePoint Output (32) The node "Properties" is missing the child node "SdkSettings"


Thank you 



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I get a straightforward - "Missing Incoming Connection" error even though I am able to list and select the folder and file I want it to out put.


My Alteryx version is 2021.3.7




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Any alternative to connect to sharepoint 2019 list ? I do not understand how the tool support on-premises older version like 2013, 2016 but not 2019. 

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Please can somebody help.  I'm using the Sharepoint output tool to write to an excel file (set to overwrite existing sheet).  This was working initially but now I'm getting the errors 'All incoming anchors closed, but plugin has errors' and 'All incoming anchors initialized, but plugin has errors'.  I only installed the plugin yesterday so it's the latest version. It was working one minute and then stopped without any changes to configuration.  I've restarted Alteryx to no avail.

I'm quite new to Alteryx so apologies if I'm missing something obvious.

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Are there any plans for updating this with support for .xlsb?

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Hello Alteryx Team,

I was trying to import data from a SharePoint File via SharePoint Input connector but when I am choosing the Authentication Method as Sign in via Internet Browser, the Popup page appears to be blank and not letting me to connect. 

Is there any other way to connect to a SharePoint file? Will it let me connect if I choose to put Client ID & Tenant ID? Please suggest the same.




Deepak Saroop

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Can this sharepoint connector be added to a non-admin version of Alteryx?

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I'm not in love with 2.2.0.


Please revert back to the 2.1.0 interface.


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I found this on another thread and wanted to make sure it was here.  For the current version of the tool Sharepoint Tool v2.2.0 (September 9, 2022) it looks like Nulls in Excel are being brought in as "nan" to the data set. Consider this a request to fix this bug.  Thanks, -Hayes

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Is there a way to upload a rendered excel file from the reporting suite using this tool?  I'd like to keep the visuals in those files

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Hello - I am trying to install the SharePoint Tool on my computer but when I click install nothing happens. It doesn't give me an option to run as an admin. Can someone please advise? 



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Hello, Could You please suggest the compatible Sharepoint Files Tool for Alteryx Server 2021.2.3?


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Hi @Marian_Capita,


Personally, I like v 2.0.1 as I seem to have less hang-ups when I'm using the AMP engine if I am dumping my workflow output to Azure.



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Hi @mcummins ...hopefully you got this resolved, but the best way is to close your designer, right click on the icon and  run as admin.  You may need your IT team to do this.  Once done, then open the SharePoint connector file that you downloaded from here.

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Working perfectly!!

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The 2.3.0 version of the tools requires a different set of credentials to connect to SharePoint lists (as opposed to version 2.2.0), which is also different from the set of credentials needed to connect to Sharepoint files. These are thumbprint and private key.


Has anyone worked out where to take these from? 


Personally, it is also annoying that I need to know 5 random long strings to connect to Sharepoint lists and files: private key, thumbprint, client ID, tenant ID and client secret.



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A bit strange to have it Amp-only, as most API's require Amp be off if you are behind a proxy. Thus, we cannot use this tool in a workflow that uses APIs.

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I like to use v2.0.1.


It makes my designer stable when using Azure input & outputs as well as tableau publishers.


I've found that using latter version of this tool tends to make designer unstable, and thus need to go to task manager and shut it down then open it up using the recovered workflow.