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CReW Macros

7 - Meteor

Hi, Thanks to Jesse, I have started playing with the CReW macros. Love them! I'm experiencing a minor issue though, and was wondering if it's my network, or if others have encountered the same issue. I installed the macros. A few days later, when I try to run an existing workflow, it seems like I never installed them. I get an error that the macros aren't found, though I still see them in the tool tray at the top of Alteryx. I install again and and the macros work. It's like the install doesn't stay.

I do have the macro file saved to a shared drive, so my peers can use them too. Am I better off to have them saved to my local drive?

14 - Magnetar


I'm taking two quick guesses at what might be happening here based on your description - this could be going down the completely wrong path.

1) When you put one of the CReW macros into a workflow, and right click on it, you should see an option near the bottom that says "open macro:"  does the text after the colon have a "\" or "/" character in it?

2) Do you have that shared folder configured in your user settings as a macro location?  You can check this by going to Options->User Settings->Edit user settings and then clicking on the "Macros" tab.