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For all who missed our Q2 User group meet..

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The Alteryx Bangalore User Group gathered this quarter on 27th May at OYO Townhouse, Indranagar. Thanks to everyone who got a chance to attend this meet and made it a big success! and here is a quick summary of the entire event for all those who missed it.


We kicked off with a warm welcome by @ydmuley and the introduction of the new user group leads. Yug demonstrated the group on how we can leverage the Alteryx community at its best for all the resources it has and the awesome networking platform it provides. A peek view of the Alteryx INSPIRE event and the main reasons for everyone to attend were also covered.


The first speaker series of the day was taken by @SubratDas5 whose topic was "Excel"ling with Alteryx - how cool! He took the group through some basic workflows such as a look up, especially for an Alteryx starter to realize how big a difference that transition from Excel to Alteryx brings to our day to day. He had clearly put in the workflow runtime in seconds and that explained it! And some Alteryx secret shortcuts too.. :)


The next big highlight of the event was the Alteryx quiz conducted by Rusheen and Vaibhav. Could really see the excitement on everyone's faces when the tricky Alteryx questions flashed by! At the end of which, we had distributed gifts and some Alteryx goodies for the top 3 winners.


@scolaco gave an overview on what Alteryx for Good does and particularly on what was done by the strong group in Alteryx for Good India. We really got some great responses and enthusiasm from everyone! This was followed by an NGO use case presentation by Abhishek Pandit from Quest Alliance, whose NGO partnered with AFG India and was the first to get Alteryx license through the initiative.


We also had Himanshu taking us through "Rapid Data Transformation and Cleaning through Alteryx" and a glimpse of customer feedbacks who experienced the benefits of Alteryx workflows. 


I had taken some time to let the group know about the importance of having "Women of Analytics" group within India as well. How we can leverage this group for mentoring and supporting women across industries through network groups and exchange of ideas. By the end of which, we actually got interests from all the women who made it to the event!


We wrapped up with a networking session which everyone utilized to their best in connecting. Each and everyone assured their full support in making this network remain active and maintain the same energy and enthusiasm going forward.


This was definitely a team effort and it turned out successful due to all the participants. Appreciate everyone taking their time off, especially the team who came from Bombay and Ingashian who made it for the event from Kenya! Also, a big thank you to Keshav and Pallab for the sponsorship of the quiz winner gifts and the lucky draw prizes :)


Mentioning the awesome working group behind the scenes: special thanks to Kriti and Deb for the seamless registration and feedback process, Aditya for photography, Pranay for the technical support, Dhaval for being the quiz master mind and Vivek for moderating the event.


This wouldn't be possible without the continuous support we received from the Alteryx team- Have to mention @MaddieJ who was there to guide us with the format, content and whatever it may be. Maddie- everyone loved the goodies you had sent!



Thank you for all your valuable feedback and suggestions. Also, feel free to mention in the comments what you liked best about the event :)

Cant wait for the next meetup!! 



Alteryx ACE | Sydney Alteryx User Group Lead | Sydney SparkED Contributor
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20 - Arcturus



It is great to see you flourishing!  I'm heading to Inspire18 now & will get to meet @MaddieJ and thank her on your behalf in person. 





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Thank you @MarqueeCrew - You were missed!

Have a great time at Inspire. Convey our regards to Maddie :) 

Alteryx ACE | Sydney Alteryx User Group Lead | Sydney SparkED Contributor
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Yes, hosting the Quiz with Vaibhav was a fun experience. Thanks for the opportunity!

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It was an enriching experience!! Thank you all for the help and support!! Can't wait to start planning our next meet :)
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12 - Quasar

Thanks @Nezrin for the write-up and really thank you to all of the volunteers for their efforts in making this event a huge success!


Huge thank you to @Nezrin @scolaco @SubratDas5 @viveksahoo @pranaym and others


@MaddieJ and @TuvyL - Thanks for all support throughout the process.


@SeanAdams and @MarqueeCrew - Thanks to you both for guiding us through the process and continuous encouragement.

Yugandhar Muley (Yug)

Alteryx ACE | Alteryx For Good India Lead | Bengaluru Alteryx User Group Lead