Second Belgian User Group

7 - Meteor

Hope you are all well. Time for a second Belgian Alteryx community day.


What we suggest is following:


  • Levi's is kindly offering to host the second session. The location to be Zaventem.
  • Data provisionally is April 18th in the afternoon. Can you kindly indicate whether you could make it?
  • On the agenda:
    • Intro: high level overview of Alteryx usage at Levi's (potentially including a US practice)
    • Main theme: Predictive: We're looking for at least 3 use cases we'd look into in depth. Whom can share?
    • Finally: Integrating data through API's, internal and external. How to hook on etc... Whom can share?

Please respond :

  • whether you are availability the 18th,
  • whether you can contribute to the contents (predictive, API and other data integration)
  • Any other thoughts!

Best regards,



7 - Meteor

Hey Olivia,


Sound nice. We'd have 2 predictive cases at least. Will reach out shortly to look at detail of how to bring it.





7 - Meteor

Hi all,


It's taking shape.


The second Alteryx use day will be on the 20th of April, not the 18th.


The full agenda is being set up (thanks to those giving input). It's to early to reveal, but it's going to contain some of following elements:

  • how alteryx is used accross the ocean by a well known corporate
  • a strategic insight, based on experience, on what predictive does, and does not do
  • a predictive case from a to z, from extraction of data via API to doing predictive, having to do with cycling and the weather
  • and maybe another alteryx user predictive case and API case


7 - Meteor

Hey all,


We are about set for Friday's user group.


The agenda will include:

- Levi's live experience

- A Siriously  predictive case

- and a BNP experience on how to move flows from a development to a production environment

- ending with open debate, including on next session


Don't forget to register + you know the only brand of jeans to wear Friday! They are the best.


Best regards,