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Don’t miss the ultimate analytics event of the year — Virtual Global Inspire. This year is on 🔥🔥🔥, with 20+ keynote speakers, 150+ breakout sessions, and 35 hands-on trainings to help you unleash game-changing insights and breakthroughs for your career. 


The agenda and training sessions are now live. Your breakthroughs are unlimited, but training space is not, reserve your seat now for hands on practical training. Make sure to register as soon as possible!


We’re excited to share the lineup of analytic superstars who’ll be rocking your screen: 


  • Mark Anderson, CEO, Alteryx 
  • Fareed Zakaria, JournalistPolitical Commentator and Author of “Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World” 
  • Dr. Hannah Fry, Associate Professor in the Mathematics of Cities at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London 
  •, Musical Artist, Producer, Actor and Entrepreneur 
  • Kara Swisher, Editor-At-Large of Recode Decode & Pivot Podcasts Executive Producer of the Code Conference Author 
  • Dr. DJ Patil, Former Chief Data Scientist of the United States Office of Science and Technology Policy 
  • Jake PorwayMachine Learning Expert and Co-Founder and Executive Director of DataKind 
  • Billy Beane, EVP of Baseball Operations for the Oakland A’s and Subject of Moneyball 


And that’s just a sampling of what you’ll find! We are bringing the Data Science Mixer podcast to life with interviews of leading minds in the Alteryx Data Science Portal.   


Don’t forget the top attended event of Inspire, the Alteryx Grand Prix. Join to see Alteryx users from all over the globe race against the clock and each other in order to be crowned Grand Prix Champion. Did you catch our Live Q&A Session with Inspire 2018 ChampionsRead more here. 


Stay up to date and share your excitement for Inspire! Head over to the Inspire Buzz and let us know what sessions you are excited to join 


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The Inspire Buzz is a special place on the Community to stay up to date on all things Inspire, ask questions about the event, network with other attendees, and share your ideas and feedback. We look forward to seeing great conversations there!    


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