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Am I the...Data Geek Who Analyzed Reddit AITA Posts? Yes.

Posted Thursday
Topic modeling and sentiment analysis reveal the answer to the age-old question, "AITA?" — with a bonus refresher on correlation and contingency tables.

Computer Vision Within Reach: A Deeper Dive Into OCR and Mor...

Posted a month ago
Discussions of computer vision can be incredibly technical. Here's a gentle introduction to what's happening under the hood of the Alteryx tools.

Jupyter Flow FAQ

Posted 06-30-2021
Got a question? The Jupyter Flow tool FAQ may be able to help!

Jupyter Flow Basics Guide

Posted 06-30-2021
It's about time we could integrate Jupyter Notebooks and their environments into workflows, share them, and run them on Server! Here's how to use the Jupyter Flow tool to do just t...

Introducing the Jupyter Flow Tool

Posted 06-30-2021
Schedule Jupyter notebooks on Server. Use and share them in Alteryx workflows. Integrate Jupyter notebooks and their environments into your analytics process. The Jupyter Flow tool...

Feature Engineering 101: Introduction to Featuretools

Posted 06-22-2021
Construct new features automatically to build better models, save time and avoid the mistakes that can occur in a manual process.

How to Troubleshoot Memory Problems in Python

Posted 06-16-2021
Memory problems are tough to diagnose and fix — maybe more so in Python. Read about how we identified and fixed a memory problem in EvalML, and pick up some best practices you can...

Learning Data Science Through Social Media

Posted 06-10-2021
Add some data science to your social media scrolling! Learn a little every day with these accounts that offer fun, quick ideas and tips.

Podcast Episodes

Optimizing data processes with satellite imagery | Hector Fe...

Posted Monday
Crucial in the allocation of federal funding, US census data is a valuable national asset. In partnership with Reveal Global Consulting, we learn how the US Census Bureau has used...

Leveling up your data visualization game | Alberto Cairo

Posted 3 weeks ago
How can a well-designed data visualization lead to deeper understanding of data? Data visualization expert Alberto Cairo joins us for an extended conversation about creating, revis...

Shaping the future of data science and NLP in Africa | Vukos...

Posted 06-29-2021
Constraints inspire creativity in data science. Vukosi Marivate of the University of Pretoria talks about doing NLP with low-resource languages, and shares how a growing multinatio...

Putting AI ethics into practice | Abhishek Gupta

Posted 06-14-2021
How do you move from discussing AI ethics in the abstract to putting them into practice? Abhishek Gupta, founder of the Montreal AI Ethics Institute, shares best practices.

Building data science tools for data scientists | Alan Jacob...

Posted 05-31-2021
We go behind the scenes of Alteryx Machine Learning and the Alteryx open-source Python libraries with Alteryx CDAO Alan Jacobson. He shares his experiences leading the data scienti...