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New ML Model Macro With Monotonic Constraint Capabilities

Posted a week ago
Learn about a macro for training machine learning binary classification models with monotonic constraints.

One-hot Encoding for Machine Learning on Alteryx

Posted 02-13-2023
I have prepared a macro for Alteryx which allows you to convert variables that are categorical in nature into numerical variables, a process called one-hot encoding

Alteryx Time Series in Her Past, Present, and Future: Rachel...

Posted 02-01-2023
From Alteryx customer to now Alteryx Advisor, come learn about Rachel’s experience with time series predictions and Alteryx Machine Learning.

Analyzing Customer Reviews with the Topic Modeling Tool

Posted 01-31-2023
If you struggle to analyze customer feedback data, the Topic Modeling tool from AIS can help!

Automating the Entire PDF Ingestion Process

Posted 01-27-2023
How do we take automated PDF ingestion to the next level? Alteryx of course!

Average Joes: Predicting Vehicle CO2 Emissions (Sustainabili...

Posted 01-13-2023
With a core focus on sustainability, this Average Joes session focused on analyzing CO2 emission output of different vehicle sizes, engine types, models, etc. We leveraged Designer...

Compare PDF Files Using Computer Vision: Uncover Existence o...

Posted 01-05-2023
In Part 2 of this series, I combined Computer Vision with Reporting tools to display the original and marked up pages side-by-side in a new PDF file.

Compare PDF Files Using Computer Vision: Uncover Existence o...

Posted 12-29-2022
For my challenge in comparing an original document to one with potential handwritten markups, I used image processing and image profiling, plus a bit of data prep.

Podcast Episodes

2021 Alter Everything and Data Science Mixer highlights

Posted 01-17-2022
In this crossover episode, we flashback to some of our favorite moments from Alter Everything and Data Science Mixer.

Leading the data science pack at Peloton | Ibby Syed

Posted 01-03-2022
As one of the first data scientists at Peloton, Ibby Syed has a passion for enabling others to access powerful data science tools and techniques in order to drive insights and lear...

Shaping safety policies for children in AI enabled spaces |...

Posted 12-13-2021
Do children interacting with AI-enabled systems need special protections? Steven Vosloo, policy specialist in digital connectivity at UNICEF, shares what data scientists should kee...

Investigating IoT and AI ethics | Ria Cheruvu

Posted 11-29-2021
Ria Cheruvu, AI Ethics Lead Architect for Intel’s Internet of Things engineering group, is passionate about making sure IoT and AI systems are created ethically and used fairly. Sh...

Shaping the future of AutoML systems | Kalyan Veeramachaneni

Posted 11-15-2021
What’s next for AutoML systems? We’re joined by Kalyan Veeramachaneni, who is a principal research scientist and faculty member in computer science at MIT, as well as an Alteryx fe...