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We’re excited to announce our latest release, Power to the Process in 2021.1. Our Product & Engineering teams have been working hard to deliver tools and capabilities that are going to supercharge the way you deliver breakthroughs with analytics, data science, and process automation!


Read on to learn how we’re empowering you and your teams to connect, create, and consume transformational insights through our Analytic Process Automation platform, including updates to our user-friendly and approachable Intelligence Suite, enhancements to the Alteryx Server and Alteryx Analytics Hub, as well as improvements at the heart of the Alteryx AMP Engine to deliver analytic automation outcomes faster than ever before!


Power Up your Machine Learning Pipelines with Feature Engineering, AutoML and more


Delivering transformative outcomes through data science and machine learning is at the heart of the Alteryx Intelligence Suite experience. Since its launch in 2020, we’ve seen customers taking huge steps in upskilling their analysts and citizen data scientists with our no-code text mining and assisted modeling capabilities. Knowledge workers are now building powerful machine learning processes directly within Alteryx Designer without having to master coding languages such as Python.


In 2020.3, we enhanced Assisted Modeling by offering Automatic Mode, where a fully-optimized machine learning model is generated by using state-of-the-art data science processes under the hood, allowing you to go straight to the insights!


We’re so excited to announce that fully Automated Machine Learning (or AutoML) receives its own tool within Intelligence Suite — empowering analysts and data scientists alike to work with cutting-edge automated processing, model building, and optimization through a single, dedicated no-code building block. With AutoML doing the heavy lifting, there’s more time to implement transformational outcomes.


But that’s not all — we’re bringing power to the entire machine learning process with the inclusion of dedicated no-code tools for Data Health and Feature Engineering too!


These capabilities — often the most critical parts of a data science process — bring groundbreaking functionality to assess data quality ahead of a data science experiment. Generate new ways to build models that separate the signal from the noise in your datasets, and then feed these into state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms through AutoML. Your analysis will never be the same again!


Read more about the technology and steps behind automated machine learning, feature engineering, and modern model development here.


AMP Your Workflows: Boost Your Performance — Easier than Ever Before


We’ve seen our user-base go WILD for the acceleration they’ve seen when activating the brand-new AMP Engine — with the ability to run Alteryx workflows with the power of multi-threaded processing (hint: It gets your work done even faster than before).


With Alteryx 2021.1, we’re committing to making the power of the AMP Engine even more accessible to your users, your workflows, and your business-changing outcomes. With this new release, we’ve added a global configuration for the AMP Engine so that it applies to all workflows that you create within Alteryx Designer. Once it’s switched on, you’ll always be able to benefit from our next-generation processing power!


We’ve also made sure that the AMP Engine runs for both workflows and analytic applications — meaning that no-code applications can be shared through your Alteryx Gallery with non-technical decision makers so they can also benefit from the fast, multi-threaded processing power of AMP. To see how the AMP Engine can accelerate your outcomes, check out our on-demand webinar. Now, everyone can rev the engine of analytic automation to achieve more breakthroughs!


Empower Collaboration and Grow Your Platform with the Alteryx Platform


Analytics Hub launched in 2020, and the demand for new features has kept pace with the excitement of next-generation analytic collaboration!


With our latest release, you can now access enterprise data sources such as SAP HANA so that your analytics reach into your most popular data platforms, helping to remove friction and streamline your analytic processes within a single ecosystem.


Do you have multiple versions of the same workflow so that you can deliver the appropriate detail to your analytic stakeholders and decisions makers? If so, you’ll be thrilled to know that we’ve added the capability to run or schedule specific versions of your workflows. Now you have complete control over exactly what content gets delivered as you deliver insights across the company.


We’ve also added powerful support for Hub platform administrators to make sure multi-tenancy resources are available for members across your environment, from individuals to larger teams and departments.


For Alteryx Server users, we’ve got a really sweet addition just for you: powerful server scheduling administration to find and alleviate congestion of scheduled jobs. This is an important way to reduce risk associated with too many jobs planned at the same time. Keeping schedules in their own swim-lanes means more resources available for every job and smoother day-to-day operations!


Interested in learning more details around what else we’ve updated in the Alteryx Platform over the last year? Read our Analytics Blog to find out!


Upgrade to 2021.1 Today!


We want you to have the power of the process in your hands today! Don’t forget to upgrade to our latest release or get started with Alteryx through a free Designer trial!

As we place 2020 firmly in the rear-view mirror, we see the disruptive changes to our means of working and collaborating increasingly becoming the “new normal”. We’re looking forward to seeing Alteryx continue to help many more users and organizations worldwide with the products and features we deliver just for you.

To read more about new additions mentioned in this blog and more, head over to our Technical Documentation. We love hearing your thoughts and suggestions! Let us know what you think about this release or share your ideas on our Community Discussion Forums.


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