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By Hannah Erlsten (@Herlsten) and Megan Harron (@Mwharron

Attention data analytics enthusiasts: We're excited to introduce Alteryx Marketplace – your go-to destination for verified, creator-supported and ready-to-install Add-Ons like connectors, macros and more! 


It’s time to unlock new possibilities and do even more with Alteryx. Easily explore a wide range of regularly uploaded Add-Ons built and supported by enterprise-level experts. Alteryx Marketplace ensures you can search Add-Ons built with the scalability, verification, security, performance, and reliable support you need. 
Get ready to take your Alteryx experience to the next level with the Alteryx Marketplace. Let’s dive into some of the functionality and Add-Ons you can access today!




There’s an Add-On for that 


The Alteryx Marketplace elevates your Alteryx experience with increased efficiency and fresh innovation. Alteryx verifies each Add-On for security, quality, and usability and requires support policy and contact information for each listing. Easily browse the Alteryx Marketplace with filters and search criteria for Add-Ons built by Alteryx and by our valued ecosystem partners. Evaluate your options with ratings, reviews, and Q&A with the Add-On creator, and once you’ve found what you’re looking for, simply download and install right onto your desktop.    
We want to ignite your enthusiasm and help you dive into the world of the Alteryx Marketplace. Here's the exciting part: all currently available add-ons are free for installation! 


Featured October Add-Ons 


The Alteryx Marketplace will be the place to find the latest and greatest for your data journey.


Featured Add-Ons in October include some of the most used tools and macros created and managed by CReW Macros. CReW Macros have already saved Alteryx users hours, if not days, with their efficient and thoughtful tools, and now you can access them on the Alteryx Marketplace as verified and supported Add-Ons. See their power in action in quick demo videos here.  

What about Community Gallery?


Those of you familiar with our Alteryx Community Gallery might ask... is the Gallery going away? Gallery and the Alteryx Marketplace are complimentary platforms that enrich your Alteryx Experience. Community Gallery remains your haven for peer-to-peer interactions, examples, use cases, and more. The Alteryx Marketplace is where you'll find verified assets that have undergone rigorous validation, ensuring you have the tools you need with the confidence of support. Over the coming months, you will see some of your favorite items on our Community Gallery move to the Alteryx Marketplace. When Alteryx-built and partner-built Add-Ons pass our verification checks and content update requirements, they will be inputted into the Alteryx Marketplace, and you will be re-directed from their Gallery links.

Add-On creators and innovators: for additional information on how to choose which site is best to post your creation to, check out this blog.


What’s next for Alteryx Marketplace?


While we're excited to unveil the Alteryx Marketplace, we're taking a thoughtful approach to growth. We're rolling out features incrementally to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. From the launch of the storefront and desktop assets to the introduction of cloud assets and a Creator Portal, every step is carefully planned to deliver exceptional value to you.


Over the coming months, you can look forward to new and innovative inventory from Alteryx and our Partners, user feedback & reviews, and a self-service creator portal to expedite innovation availability on the Alteryx Marketplace.


Over the next year, you can expect to see the option to purchase partner created items with efficient user distribution. As our platform and cloud products evolve, you will begin to see our inventory grow from desktop-only options to platform-ready options. 

Visit the Marketplace today

Come and take part in our powerful ecosystem; Explore, Download, and Innovate on Alteryx Marketplace. 

We all know the power of data and feedback, so don’t just use these Add-Ons, be a part of what makes them amazing, leave reviews, ask questions, and reach out to the creators!