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According to a recent survey by IDC, there are 21 million advanced spreadsheet users worldwide who need a better solution when performing analytics - 76% of whom reside outside the U.S.* CDOs (and CAOs) need an analytics workbench that can scale globally, while analysts need a flexible platform that can accomplish a variety of analytic tasks in the language they want to work in.


blog-flex1.pngThat is why we are proud to announce the availability of Alteryx Designer with a French and German interface. Now, our German and French speaking analysts and data scientists can experience the thrill of solving while using a UI, help, and other resources in their native language.


We also continue to broaden the Alteryx platform's data access and processing flexibility. According to a study by Harvard Business Review,** 64% of those surveyed have to work with data stored in at least five different places. When it comes to connecting to, consuming or handling data, the Alteryx platform is virtually unrivaled in the number of data sources we can connect to with over 75 data sources. This capability is what liberates an organization's data wealth, and empowers analysts to focus on solving problems as opposed to trying to access their data. We continue to make connecting to and processing ever increasing amounts of data a focus, and with our latest enhancements, we are once again broadening our data connectivity with new in-database connections to Vertica and Exasol.


blog-flex4.jpgFurther, we've recently announced new deployment options for the Alteryx Server, making it available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace and on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace. These new options give CDOs a flexible choice for deploying, and rapidly scaling up or down compute resources to support the analytic needs of their organizations. Both options eliminate the need for any in-house hardware and on-going maintenance, saving days or even weeks of work by IT staff, and making the purchase and deployment of analytics at scale as simple as a few clicks.


Flexibility is key in helping organization create a culture of analytics, and our latest release breaks the barriers of language, data, and infrastructure limitations so CDOs can focus on empowering their problem solvers to use data and find the answers that matter to the organization.


We welcome you to experience the Alteryx Platform yourself by upgrading to our latest release, or trying our fully functional Alteryx Designer trial or Alteryx Server trial.


* Source: The State of Self-Service Data Preparation and Analysis Using Spreadsheets, 2016

** Source: Harvard Business Review: The Untapped Power of Self-Service Data Analytics