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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Today, I’m very excited to announce the release of Alteryx Analytics 10.0, one of our biggest releases to date. This release delivers analytic independence to line of business analysts, enabling them to easily blend data in any format and location without relying on other departments.


One of our primary goals for this release is to make Alteryx even easier for new users to become productive in the first five minutes after downloading our free, 14-day trial, and then help them expand their analytic expertise over time. But at the same time we wanted to give our longtime users some additional enhancements that help them blend data faster and take advantage of advanced analytics without coding.


blog-10-bobl-wf.pngA significant amount of effort and usability testing went into accelerating the time to value for new users, and in this release we’ve simplified the initial interface of Alteryx Designer to get new users focused on the tools needed to access, cleanse, and blend data from their hard drives, corporate data warehouses, cloud applications, and anywhere else where potential insight may be found. Then, with a few clicks they can unlock new tool groups such as spatial and predictive analytics, or additional data blending capabilities, to allow Alteryx to adapt to their growing skill level.


We’ve also added an easy way for all analysts, regardless of skill level, to access, validate and preview data samples at every stage of workflow creation. Known internally as “Browse Everywhere,” this capability allows analysts to click on any tool in their analytic workflow to see the results of that tool without having to insert a Browse tool. And for analysts who are exploring predictive insights, we’ve made the creation of predictive analytic models even easier and faster in Alteryx Analytics 10.0 with interactive visualizations of model results.


Our second goal for this release was to make the creation, collaboration, sharing and consumption of analytics across the entire organization even easier. One of the most widely requested features – version control for workflow development – becomes a reality in Alteryx Analytics 10.0. Now analysts across the office or even across countries can iterate, share and collaborate on analytic workflows, all through a common platform – Alteryx. We’re also completing a visual refresh of the Alteryx Analytics Gallery, which delivers a modern and intuitive cloud analytics experience for Alteryx users to share analytic apps with decision makers.


blog-10-bobl-gallery.pngOur final goal for Release 10.0 is to give analysts some powerful new options that allow them to take full advantage of the new Big Data and cloud analytic stacks. In Release 9.5 we debuted in-database tools that push processing steps from Alteryx down into either Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server and utilize the processing power of the database itself to return the results for high-performance analytics. Blending data in this manner eliminates the need to stream data out of the data warehouse for processing, and for customers with very large datasets this can mean a significant performance improvement. In Alteryx Analytics 10.0 we’re expanding support to include Amazon Redshift, Cloudera Impala, Teradata and Spark.


I am extremely proud of what our development team in Colorado has been able to accomplish with Release 10.0. What makes this even more special is that in the middle of development we moved offices in Colorado from our original Boulder office to a much larger office in Broomfield, which will support the incredible growth that we’re in the midst of. I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished, and look forward to getting this into as many hands as possible.


To that point, customers can immediately upgrade to Alteryx Analytics 10.0 for free. And if you haven’t tried Alteryx yet, you can download our free 14-day trial so you can experience all the benefits of Release 10.0 with your own data.


If you want more information you can visit our web site to learn What’s New in Release 10.0, as well as watch our on-demand webinar, “Achieve Analytic Independence with Alteryx Analytics 10.0.” Also, learn more about the new features in Release 10.0 by following our release blog series coming out over the next few weeks.


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Awesome job! I'm in awe of the great work I saw every day to make this release happen. Congratulations to everyone on the team!