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using Chrome to run apps on Server 2018.3.5.52487 not working

7 - Meteor

We just upgraded our sever to version 2018.3.5.52487.


When we use chrome to try and run apps from the server they are not running.  If we connect using IE they seem to run just fine.


Anyone else having this issue?



We also noticed that in chrome we don't see the menu item for INSIGHT.

8 - Asteroid

I ran into a similar issue recently.  Are you still having the issue since you posted this?  Sometimes it just takes a little while for everything to push through when you install an update.  Another thing to try would be to clear your browser cache and reload the page as it may be stuck trying to access the old version which is no longer there (and thus why your apps won't run).  If the insights tool isn't showing up then you are still viewing the old version, likely due to one of the reasons I mentioned.  Hopefully that helps.

7 - Meteor

The issue was the cache for Chrome.  Once I manually cleared it, everything seems to be working normally.