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updating an existing Excel file on the C drive using Server

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I created a workflow which updates an existing Excel file using Designer.    The name of the excel file is read from an input and I am using the Change Entire File Path in the output tool.


How do I move this to hosted Gallery (not on-premise).  It seems that I need to attach the excel file to the workflow which would not be dynamic.   I was able to get this to work by making the excel file an asset.


If I have Gallery running on-premise then would I have access to local/network drives when using Gallery to update existing excel files?










To make the input of the workflow dynamic you can use interface tools to choose the file you want to work on at run time. Since your server is on a remote host you will not be able to modify files on your local PC but you could modify files on a shared drive or another solution like OneDrive and the OneDrive connectors, I've tried this out before and it worked for me. If the file is shared and Server can read/write to that folder you can work with those files.