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how to delete user from Alteryx Gallery



I'm a Gallery Admin, but I do not see a way to delete a user from the Gallery.  It looks like I can only edit their profile or reset their password.  I can't find any documentation on the subject.  Does anybody know how to do this, or where to find the documentation?




In the Gallery Admin page, find the Permissions icon (a key) on the far left.

Click through to the Permissions page.  Find the user's name/ID on this page and click on the trash can icon to the far right.

That should be all you need to do.


Patrick, thank you for taking the time to respond.  However, your steps only delete the permissions for the user, not the actual user.  If you delete the permissions, the user still shows when you go to the user tab in the gallery admin tab.


Have you tried deleting them from the Subscriptions page as well?


thanks for the tip.  The user is part of a Subscription.  However, when I go to their specific Subscription, there is no way for me to remove any user from a subscription.  I can only add them.

Hmm... I've not heard of that.  Sounds like a case for the support team.


@cwhitecotton At this time Gallery does not offer any options, methods, or functions to delete users. Our general recommendation in regard to users is to mark the user as Inactive or set their permissions to No Access depending on which authentication type you are utilizing. Either of these options will prevent that user from accessing Gallery. For further details and information on managing users please refer to the following links to our online help documentation:


Alteryx Server Help for Administrators

Gallery Administration: Subscriptions

Gallery Administration: Users

Gallery Administration: Permissions


Please star my post and perhaps they will implement it in the future :)



Alteryx Certified Partner

I think the ability to delete users is crucial for a product in an enterprise environment. #

What is the rationale behind not having this "feature"? What is the roadmap to implement this?


Alteryx Designer/Server 11.0.6

Security = Active Directory

Default Permissions = No Access


I am disappointed that this submission is marked SOLVED when there is no solution to clean up user or subscription entries.


IN our environment as described, anyone that accesses the gallery URL causes the server to create a studio entry and a user entry, which can be viewed from the Gallery Admin pages, but cannot be deleted. This contributes to an administrative nightmare for an enterprise system.