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error while saving workflow in Gallery: RuntimeError: Internal Error: DecryptPassword -

7 - Meteor

Dear all,


My App works in Desktop but when I try to save it in Gallery, I have the following errors for 2 Salesforce Input Tools: 


Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 71 in pi_init

RuntimeError: Internal Error: DecryptPassword - buffer too small


if I bypass the error messages, I can save my App but when I run it, I get the error messages back and con't complete the Run.


Could you help?



5 - Atom

Has this been fixed?  Salesforce is a dominate force in the CRM/CPQ...industry and this connector will become more & more important to Alteryx users.   I can get this working in Designer, both simple workflows and complex macros.  However, I can't save or run any workflow to the server because of this bug.     




7 - Meteor

Apologies for the late answer. The issue came from an old version of the SF connector while I was using a new Alteryx version. It is fixed by using the new SF connector version.



5 - Atom

Hi Nicolas - do you happen to know which version you were working from/ moved to?