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What is the District

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Hi All,


what is the district and what exactly use of District and how it works?


As per my understanding it categorized the workflow.


I have created one tag and created district as well.


I have added this tag to couple of workflows and make district as Active.


But I don't see any category in district where I can see the list of workflows which belongs to Same tag.


Could you please explain me in details with example.


I have found here but his is not helpful.


Thank you


Hi @alt_tush, you are correct in that Districts are used to organize content. Our Public facing gallery ( has some good examples of this. In your particular example, you mentioned you have created some tags and districts.


To recap this process,

  • Create a Tag that is representative of your District. This is done in the Admin portal under the Workflows section
  • Create a District, and associate said District with that newly created Tag. Make sure you switch the District to ON in the Admin District window.
  • Go to a workflow (Workflows section) that should be part of that District, and Add the newly created Tag, and then save the workflow settings

From the user Gallery view (i.e., non-admin view), when you click on a given District, you should see any workflow that shares that designated Tag. You will not see any categories in that view, you will simply see a list of workflows that match up with the given District's tag. If not, try logging off an back on and see if that refreshes, but following that procedure should show you a list of workflows in a given district.

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Hi BrianR,


Can you please show me the steps or screenshot for below point


Go to a workflow (Workflows section) that should be part of that District, and Add the newly created Tag, and then save the workflow settings


Because I unable to related this point, I have created the tag and district as well.


But I don't see the tagging workflows in respective district even I switch on,


Please help, Thank you for you help 🙂


Hi @alt_tush, here's a Step by Step, with details...


  • You must have Admin access, i.e., be a Curator in your Alteryx Server




  • Once in the Admin section, access Workflows, and add in your Tag





  • Click Workflows Add that Tag to a given Workflow
  • In your Workflow Properties - under Sharing, click Place in My Company's Gallery



  • Create a District to utilize this Tag, and Switch it to ON



Give that a try, and that should allow you to see those workflows you designate with certain Tags in your Districts.


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Hi BrainR,


Thank you so much for your help.


I had gone through the steps and created the districts and I can see the workflows those have TAG in Districts option.


But there is a problem where my workflow has access rights or visible to me only. But after creating a district it is visible to all other users as well when the click on district from their machine, So it seems like post district it is visible to everyone or may be they can run from district as well which I don't want,


Is there any way from my local machine gallery I an see the TAG workflows in Districts which are belong to my collections or access instead of showing all the workflows from District which are not part of my colletions,


Thanks again 🙂




No problem, happy to help!


I found what I think is a great explanation that goes to your follow-up question - take a look at this post, specifically the accepted solution -


I'll call out the relevant section here as well - "By placing it in to the Company'g Gallery, it is made available to anyone who has access to the gallery.  It will show up on the home page and can be accessed from there.  There is no permissioning behind it beyond whomever has access to the gallery.  Those public workflows can be placed into Districts which are pretty much like folders for organizing workflows.  This is done through tagging of the workflows.  So any workflows that are in a District, are publicly available workflows but Districts can help with organization when you have a lot of workflows in your gallery."


What this comes down to - if you would like to utilize Districts as an organization mechanism, you can do that, but all of those will be publicly available workflows. If you would rather focus on securing content, then Collections is the direction you should pursue.





If this solves your issue, please consider marking this as Complete so others can find this as well.

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Making the workflow Public works for me but, this is not a good option since I want to restrict the access to specified users