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Update URL for the Alteryx Gallery

7 - Meteor


I have a installed and configured the Alteryx Server for my current client with the default url for the alteryx gallery (http://local/gallery).


How can I update the url for the alteryx gallery cause users are unable to open the url so want to change the url they can access it and also they can the workflow. we are not using any different certificate port.


Current url: http://local/gallery

Changes to be: https://companyname/gallery


Many thanks...

15 - Aurora

Hey @ppatel


You first need to configure a dns to re-route the IP address of the server, then in the server system settings you can add the DNS address here:



7 - Meteor

Thank you @LordNeilLord,


Do you know where I can find all the steps that you mentioned in order to configure a dns and etc..


Thanks again.. 

15 - Aurora

Hey @ppatel


DNS is an IT thing. You'll need to speak to your IT team about doing it...or there is plenty of info on the web about it

7 - Meteor

Here is a knowledge base article that describes how to change your URL: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Server-Knowledge-Base/Changing-the-Gallery-URL-on-Alteryx-S...


Changing your private gallery URL can be very important, particularly when inviting end users to run applications, download macros and run workflows from your company's gallery.


There are few steps you will have to take to make this happen:



The default URL will look like this: http://localhost/gallery/
The part of the URL which is editable is the "localhost" part and this can be changed to the IP or Machine Name of the server
The reason for the /gallery is when the full Alteryx Server is loaded and configured, AlteryxService (the Scheduler) takes root / for itself. Since both the Scheduler and Gallery can’t coexist in the same area, Gallery is moved into its own subfolder

DSN Settings

DSN settings will need to be altered when you set up a fully qualified domain name (FQDN)
For example pointing a server with the computer name of ir-lt-jb-01 and an IP address of XXX.XXX.XX.XXXX to jordanbarker.alteryx.com. You will need to get your company's IT department to make these edits as they will have access to their DNS servers