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URL for Placeholders Under Notifications


Is there a way to change what URL the Placeholders reference for notifications? More specifically, I'm trying to change the "localhost" in the placeholder to the name of our Gallery. The links do not work at this time. 


@mridenour The URL used to complete the variables in the notifications is based on the Base URL configured for the Gallery in System Settings. By default this base URL is 'http://localhost/gallery'. You can update this value in the Alteryx System Settings on the server, and the URL in your notifications will reflect the updated URL for any changes made. However, changing this value can cause the service to become unresponsive or fail to start. This is because this URL is also used for internal communication between the AlteryxService and the Gallery process. If the URL isn't valid, isn't reachable, or in the case of SSL isn't trusted the Service will fail to communicate with the Gallery.


For information on this setting please see the help documentation at: