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URL for Placeholders Under Notifications


Is there a way to change what URL the Placeholders reference for notifications? More specifically, I'm trying to change the "localhost" in the placeholder to the name of our Gallery. The links do not work at this time. 


@mridenour The URL used to complete the variables in the notifications is based on the Base URL configured for the Gallery in System Settings. By default this base URL is 'http://localhost/gallery'. You can update this value in the Alteryx System Settings on the server, and the URL in your notifications will reflect the updated URL for any changes made. However, changing this value can cause the service to become unresponsive or fail to start. This is because this URL is also used for internal communication between the AlteryxService and the Gallery process. If the URL isn't valid, isn't reachable, or in the case of SSL isn't trusted the Service will fail to communicate with the Gallery.


For information on this setting please see the help documentation at:

Hi. Our Alteryx server is behind a reverse proxy server. Therefore the server that users connect to is not the same URL as the server name. Therefore we cannot modify the main server URL in AlteryxSetup. We need to modify only the PLACEHOLDER URL. Is this possible in one of the config files or MongoDB? It would be much better if placeholders were separate to the main setup as this is a very inflexible approach. Any help appreciated. Alan

@dennisac If the Alteryx Server is behind a reverse proxy or load balancer you have two options for configuration. The recommended option is to set a canonical name value in the configuration to use the alias for the proxy/load balancer for notifications instead of the Gallery base URL. It is also possible to still use the proxy/load balancer address as the Gallery base address. Doing so would require you to set a hosts file entry on the server so the alias resolves to our server instead of the proxy/load balancer (this would only effect our server and not clients). While the second option typically isn't recommended it may be necessary depending on your specific configuration and environment. I would recommend reaching out to our support team to discuss this so we can asses the best configuration options for your environment, and assist you with applying the configuration as needed.