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Sending Email Alert Events on Error from Server/Cloud hosted instance

8 - Asteroid

How do I send email events after run error through Alteryx Designer/Alteryx Server hosted on a cloud server? Ultimately I want an email alert when my workflow fails on Server. I know how to do it on my physical desktop, but keep hitting errors on our cloud host.


Here's what I did. On the cloud server, I updated the Alteryx server settings and tested it successfully.


Server Example.png


On the Designer itself on the cloud server, the event keeps failing I keep getting the following error: Error: Designer x64: The Designer x64 reported: Error running Event #1: smtprelay.avnet.com on port number 25 is not a valid.


Server Example 2.png


Is there anything I am doing redundantly....or what may I be doing incorrectly?


Thanks in advance

8 - Asteroid

Issue resolved itself. Maybe had to wait a bit longer for changes to take place.