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Schedules sometimes do not pick up the latest version of the workflow

11 - Bolide

Sometimes when a user updates a workflow and saves it to the Gallery (while not deselecting the default "Publish this version of the workflow" or doing anything out of the ordinary), the Schedule that was set prior does not pick up the new version of the workflow, but runs the previous version instead. 


Some workflows are affected more than others, but sometimes the same workflow is affected on one occasion, but not on the other. I had a case where I updated the connection string inside 15 workflows. The next day I see 5 of them failed because the schedules didn't pick up the new version, while for the remaining 10 everything went fine.


We previously had version 2020.4, we recently upgraded to 2021.4, but I see this issue remains.


Did anyone else encounter the issue? Is there a way to solve it? Right now if I find an example of this, I have to delete the old schedule and set a new one, because if a schedule is impacted, it will not correct itself on its own.

14 - Magnetar

Hi @FilipR, you are experiencing a known issue that is affecting a limited amount of customers. Alteryx is aware of this issue and actively working on a fix. Please contact Alteryx support and report your issue. Here is the expected behavior:

  • The owner of the workflow will always by default run the latest version, if running manually.
  • Non-owners will always run the published version.
  • Schedules always run the published version.

Hi @FilipR - As Gabriel mentioned, we are actively investigating this issue.  Are you willing to assist us in testing a possible fix?  It would require backing up and making a direct change in your MongoDB, then restarting the Alteryx Service.  If you're up for it, please open a support case, reference my message in this post and it will get to me.