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Same workflow - Engine Log files differ - run from "schedule" vs "run from gallery




Attached are "engine logs" from the same workflow, with the workflow configuration showing "Enabled Performance Profiling".


Why would the performance profiling engine logs differ so much between if the workflow is run from a schedule compared to that same workflow running "manually" from the gallery?  (I'm specifically referring to ToolIDs showing up on one engine log file and not on the other log file).


Thanks in advance,



Why would the performance profiling (results in the) engine logs differ so much between if the workflow





Just wondering if either of you have experienced my issue above...knowing that you two are experts...


Thanks in advance!





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
I don't have an answer! I would however profile from the desktop and wouldn't profile from the gallery. If you're tuning from the gallery I would say that I've never tried it.

Maybe Neil will have a more insightful response.


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@MarqueeCrew...thanks for your reply...


I have a support ticket out there too, but some observations:


1) Performance Profiling %'s should add up to 100%, on one of the engine logs it doesn't

2) Regardless of where the workflow is run, the Performance Profiling should be relatively the same (granted, runtimes will be different), but if ToolID XXX takes 70% of the runtime; I would imagine it would take 70% of the runtime regardless if it was scheduled or if it was run manually.

3) There are some ToolID's that appear on one file, but not the other; and when searching the workflow, we couldn't find the toolID being referenced.  You would think that the ToolIDs appearing would be consistent regardless of how the workflow was run.


Just some stated, AlteryxSupport is looking into this as well. 


I figured that others' might have experienced this as well.


Thanks again,