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Salesforce Input - problem publishing workflow to Gallery

7 - Meteor

I'm having some trouble publishing workflows that contain a Salesforce Input tool to our Gallery and wanted to see if anyone has seen this before or knows of a solution.

  • My workflows contain a Salesforce Input tool followed by another tool that is doing something to the data, like a Select, Filter, or a Join.
  • The Salesforce Input itself works fine.
  • When I try to schedule the workflow, or when I try to save to the gallery, the tools immediately downstream from the Salesforce Input throw validation errors because the Input Fields that they are expecting are missing.
  • The workflows run fine in Designer on my desktop, and they also run fine if I remote into the server and run them in Designer there.
  • If I create a simple workflow with the Salessforce Input tool and then an Output Data tool, i can save it to the Gallery and Schedule it successfully. So the problem only appears with tools that are trying to validate

Other than creating a simple Import-Export workflow for each dataset that I need, does anyone know how I can fool the downstream tools so that they will pass the validation check?

Thanks in advance!

11 - Bolide




Make sure you're using the REST API one instead of the SOAP API one.  The SOAP API version is Deprecated in 10.1


7 - Meteor

Thanks, Taylor. Yep, I'm using the REST version, not the deprecated one.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

I'm able to replicate the validation error, but in my tests, despite the error, the workflow does indeed save to the gallery successfully and can be run without error in the gallery. Is this not the case for you?


Incidentally, Alteryx version 10.5, released today, has a new version of the Salesforce Input tool that will not throw the validatiion error.

7 - Meteor

Thanks, Neil.

No, pre-10.5 that wasn't the case, it would fail validation and then fail to run in the gallery and also fail to run if I scheduled it on the server from my desktop. 

Now with 10.5 installed, the now-deprecated tool is acting like what you saw, initial validation failure but then successful runs in the gallery and on the scheduler. The new Salesforce Input tool works without the validation error. So I'll be switching all my workflows over to the new version of the tool.