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SMTP Configured and working but no Gallery Notifications

7 - Meteor

I have Alteryx Server configured with SMTP Enabled and working:




When I click on TEST, I get "SMTP Settings are valid" and receive an email  in my inbox  - so far so good. 


However, the gallery refuses to send notifications. E.g. when I use the "Reset Password" function, and enter my email address, I never receive an email with the new password. Same goes for Validate Email operations.


NOTE:  In the Notification Section of the gallery, all email notifications are Enabled.


Any clues?


@josephhalo Based on the information provided most likely the SMTP settings aren't being saved properly to the config file so your gallery isn't aware of what the settings are. Based on your test it does appear that your settings are valid and that the server can send email. Can you check the notification tab in the gallery admin panel to see if there is a warning at the top of the page? It would look like this:




It may also help to if you could send me your config file. You can find the configuration file at C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\RuntimeSettings.xml.

7 - Meteor

This turned out to be a curly one. The issue is that there is a Name in the "FROM EMAIL" (below, it is ETL02)





Although the name poses no problem for the SMTP test (I receive a test mail from a user called "ETL02"), it screws up with the Gallery.

Removing the name fixes the issue.


Go figure!