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Run parts of workflow at different times.

7 - Meteor

So I have 3 databases that I'm pulling data from (A,B,C). One of them (lets say D) is a high security database and is massive in comparison to the other 2. This is refreshed monthly and the permissions also request us to pull from it only once a month. But the other databases are updated weekly/daily and I'd love to have that data show on my database (refreshed weekly). 


Problem - 


My workflow joins all the databases at the first step and then goes through a bunch of steps before being published to a Tableau server. So I need part of the workflow to run weekly, and the rest monthly. I can easily do this using containers, but every time I don't run a certain part, it obviously breaks everything else because of the missing data from those databases.


Any ideas on how this can be done?


Last resort would be to publish 2 different workflows to the server and then join them in Tableau, but that reduces speed.


Any help is appreciated.


Thank you,


8 - Asteroid

Are you running it on the same day monthly? If so you can attach a conditional runner on the workflow that would feed the data into your workflow. Do you need to show that data with your data-set every time you need to produce it? I would prob run your monthly data workflow/query as a separate workflow outputting into a yxdb alteryx database that would reference that data during the time that it's not refreshed but needs to be shown. While the conditional runner will run and update your monthly data when the time of the month to run it approaches.


Here's a good link on the runner apps that would facilitate this.


Let me know if you still need help. Maybe provide a sample workflow of what you are trying to accomplish.

7 - Meteor

Thank you, this helped me arrive at a solution.