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Refresh yxdb on Alteryx Server


Hi there,


Question: I have an Alteryx App that's saved to the server. There are a couple of inputs that are .yxdb files (to increase app performance).

How do I setup a schedule to refresh those input yxdb files? Does putting them into a shared drive work?





Hi @LeonLu,


Thanks for your question! In order to get the most up-to-date file:


1. Put the file on a net work drive

2. Change the file path to UNC (Options > Advanced Options > Workflow Dependencies). Push the "All UNC" button

3. Save the workflow to the server. When saving, make sure the files are NOT checked under 'Workflow Assets'


Let me know if you have any additional questions!




Thank you Amelia! This works!


Hi @AmeliaG


I'm not entirely sure I'm in the right place to ask this question. I thought this might be the solution to my issue but it doesn't appear to be.


My problem is. I have two apps that are saved to the server. The output of App #1 is the “####.yxdb” file that is the input in App #2…(pictured). “####.yxdb” is saved on my company network drive. For both apps, I have set all the dependencies as UNC.

In App #2, the user selects from a list of file options (‘User Selection from Columns’) that is then used to create a raft of reports. My problem is that the “####.yxdb” input file does not refresh when App #1 is completed. Therefore the list of file options is not complete.


I have tried to research everything I can think of, and can’t seem to find a solution. I thought the UNC setting would fix it but it doesn’t. Any suggestions would be gladly welcomed.




Hi Michael,

If I'm understanding you correctly, you have a chained app - App1 then App2.  When app 1 completes, it results in a YXDB, and you want that exact YXDB that was just created to be used as an input for App2.  Is that correct?

If so, the trick is that when you send App1 to the Gallery, include the YXDB1 as an asset.  When App1 is run in the gallery, it will create YXDB1 in temp space created just for that user, just for that run.  App2, which is chained, will pick up that temp YXDB as it's input.


Hi mbarone


Thank you very much for your response.


I might not have explained myself properly. App 1 and App 2 are not chained as such. App 1 is used by multiple users to append updated data to the final outcome, which is the "####.yxdb" file. Then the user of App 2, typically not the same as an App 1 user, takes this YXDB file to create a variety of reports.


App 1 may be run multiple times throughout a month, and then App 2 is typically run once a month at month end.


Hopefully, I am being a bit clearer now.




Do you have it "unchecked" as an asset when you send up the apps?  Meaning when you send up App1 and App2 to the Gallery, make sure the YXDB in question is not sent up with it.  That will allow the apps to reach back down to the file on the network drive.




Thank you again for helping here.

Yes, all assets are unchecked. See attached screenshots.

In the App 1 shot, the bottom file is the output "####.yxdb" file.

In the App 2 shot, the bottom file is the input "####.yxdb" file.




That looks right to me.  I have no explanation.  From what you describe, it should be working.  

When App1 completes, is it updating the output correctly?  And then App2 just doesn't seem to be reading in the updated YXDB?


Hi @mbarone,


Happy New Year. Sorry for my late reply, I have been on leave.


Yes, when App 1 completes, it is updating correctly. Its almost like I need to create an in-between App that refreshes the data fro App 2. I'll look into whether it is possible.


Thank you for your assistance.