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Query the Gallery MongoDB for text?

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Ultimately, we are trying to replace an input file that is used in a large number of workflows/apps that we have saved on gallery. Assume that the files are only saved on gallery - no backups. Also assume that there are far too many workflows to replace the input file one by one. 

We have a gallery set up, and can access the associated mongoDB through Compass. My assumption was, since the workflow files are just a flavor of XML, that we should be able to search through the ones on gallery for specific lines of text in the file - say, a specific dependency or for a certain tool.  However, when we access the DB through compass, it looks like the files are all stored as binary.


My question:

First off - just to be sure - which collection in the DB are gallery workflows stored? I want to make sure I am even looking at the right collection. 

If these apps/workflows are stored in binary in the DB, then is there a way to search through them for specific text?


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Hi @cannonesite ,


This might get you started:


I often use the Mongo DB Input  tool on the Connectors tool palate to parse through the mongo data.  I make use of a lot of the RegEx tools as well, and the Service Data Parser macro is a big help too.  This can be found on the licensing site under server (download the server usage package - you'll basically be building your own extracts from mongo):
2020-06-15 09_07_21-Window.png

I gave a presentation last Inspire on some stuff I do with Mongo - the slides are here:


Hopefully that should get you on the right path!