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Publishing DataSet on Server and using it in Designer




I had a question regarding sharing data source through the Alteryx Server.


Is it possible to publish a data source (eg. yxdb) to the gallery and use that in subsequent workflows?.


Similar to how one can publish a tde to the server and connect on desktop as a Sevrer Data Source.


Thanks in advance for your responses.



Jagdeesh Narayanan

Alteryx Certified Partner

Yep that is definitely something that is possible, it depends how you would like it to work though.


The solution I am aware of would be to create a macro. This would simply have your yxdb and a macro output. Which you could then use as a 'input type' macro. You could upload this to the gallery and users could download it if they wished to use it.


Does that make sense?




Hi Ben,


I does. But in proposed solution, the yxdb would be sitting locally right?.


I was hoping to learn how to put it as a data asset on the server itself.



Jagdeesh Narayanan