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Need to Know if Workflow is running on a Server or on Designer


I have a workflow that reacts differently when run on Alteryx Designer and when running on Alteryx Server. The reason is my workstation has more apps loaded than on the server, and big brother won't let me install them on the server. 


I want to be able to tell which environment I am operating in so I can disable the features the server cannot handle. 


How can i detect which environment I am running in? 

I tried looking at all of the constants (Engine types) but did not find anything really useful that absolutely positively stated the execution environment.


the only HINT was that the TempFilePath had the word "Staging" in it. But that is a easily broken test.


If there is none, perhaps it is time to add another Engine class for this. Perhaps Engine.Platform?



Could you use a Run Command Tool to do a command line query for the machine name?




Well that is a interesting idea.... But around here - servers change every 3 years when the lease runs out. So it seems to me that this is also something that will be inevitably broken. 


I am hoping to find something that is directly tied to the fact that their is a Alteryx server on this machine. 


I can't seem to find where Alteryx binaries are located on my machine for designer.


I am not sure if I want to go to the pains of looking in the registry - but that might have some component that states if there is a Alteryx server there.

Alteryx Partner

You can try to check by simply opening Help>About and you can check if this is the server or notScreenshot (137).png


that works manually, but I want to programatically do it in a work flow so It will react differently based on that information.


Right now I ask it what my computer name is and then if the name is different, I assume it is the server that is running it. very fragile.

@ralph2048 How about this formula that checks the registry:


IF Contains(ReadRegistryString('HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion', 'ProductName'),"Server") Then "Server" Else "Desktop" Endif



Hey this one looks very promising - I will have to try it out.