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Multiple workflows with same name

5 - Atom

Hello Everyone


I have just set up Alteryx Gallery, and a subscription. I am publishing a workflow, for eg:- Hello_World, to the subscription and its all good. However, when I re-publish the same workflow again to the subscription - I see a new Hello_World workflow in the Private Studio. My expectation was that the existing workflow should be overwritten with the latest published workflow. What is going wrong here?

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

@kd_007 when you open the workflow to create the new version, are you opening it locally or from the Gallery?

8 - Asteroid

@kd  This is the expected behavior in Alteryx. Alteryx Gallery will allow multiple canvases with the same name. The way it differentiates one canvas from another is with the workflow ID. every time you publish a canvas to gallery, a new workflow ID is generated and  you can see the ID in the workflow URL - example- Workflow ID in this URL is 5ef364fe826fd309c4f049fc  (!app/Calculo-WACC-Medio_v02/5ef364fe826fd309c4f049fc ) 


If you would like to replace the older version of the canvas with the new one (to maintain version history) then you have to 

1. After publishing the latest version, open the older version of the workflow, Click on workflow settings, replace workflow, search for the latest version of the workflow and click replace. 


2. Open the older version of the canvas in designer by connecting to Gallery directly, make your changes and click on save. This will directly replace the older version of the canvas in gallery and create version history.