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MongoDB Persistence Setup

Alteryx Partner

How do I set up MongoDB as the database type under the persistence section of the System Settings? A list of thorough instructions including how to install and configure MongoDB as well as how to connect to it with the scheduler would be helpful.


Hi Andrew

You will choose the database to use in the Controller->Persistence section of the System Settings dialog.  This section will only be available if you choose Designer and Scheduler Only, Complete Alteryx Server, or Enable Controller under Custom.  Also, you will not be able to select SQLite if you choose to install the Gallery through the setup.


When you finish the System Setting dialog, it will automatically configure and install MongoDB.  When the AlteryxService Windows service is started, it will also start the Mongod process as well.  The databases can be found in the folder listed under Data Folder in the Persistence section.

Instructions for installing and configuring the Alteryx Server can be found on the Alteryx Downloads site.  Scroll to the bottom to the Alteryx Server section.  Click on the Documentation & Technical Info tab and download the Alteryx Server Installation and Configuration Guide.  Information on setting up the Persistence database can be found on pages 15 and 16.

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