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Is there a way to track scheduled workflows besides manually checking the gallery?


I am in the process of building a "Command Center" for our business unit. There are many users who schedule workflows. Part of the command center's role is to notify users when their schedules do not run or are disabled.(this is outside of error/failure checking built into a workflow).


The current process is to have each user manually check periodically to see if they workflows were disabled. I am trying to build a workflow that removes this need by automating this. The workflows are distributed across various private galleries. My initial thought was thus:


  1. Any time a user creates a new schedule, they let me know.
  2. I add it to a database/spreadsheet(master schedule)
  3. A "master" workflow would then check the alteryx gallery schedules and compare it to the master spreadsheet schedule.
  4. If something deviated in that comparison an automated email would be sent out to notify users of the deviation.

This all hinges on step 4 being possible. Is that possible?

Put more simply, is there a database I could connect to track scheduled workflows?





Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @csh8428 


You need to check out the Alteryx Server Usage Report


It has 90% of what your after!


The final step would be to have a workflow that periodically checks the usage report for errors and pings emails as necessary


Thanks! Not sure if our Server owners will allow me admin access.